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Hastings, Rye

What is crown lifting?

Q: I have a large dense tree that is taking up a lot of space and making my garden dark. Would this help? A: Crown lifting involves cutting back some of the lower branches toRead More

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Tunbridge Wells, Battle

How far can I cut my Leylandii hedge back?

Leylandii is a type of conifer most frequently used to form hedges in the UK. While it is great for this purpose, it can quickly grow out of control and cover garden paths, blockRead More

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Tree Stumps, Brighton

What is the best method of tree stump removal?

For unwanted tree stumps on your property, traditionally most people consider stump grinding as the solution. Stump grinding removes the unwanted stump as well as the adjacent roots down to ground level, which isRead More

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Chaffins News Icon

Storm Bronagh batters East Sussex:

The South East experienced the first strong winds of the season last night, with winds in some parts reaching up to 78mph. Travel was disrupted and the winds are expected to continue into thisRead More

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Tunbridge Wells, Portslade

The full package from Chaffin’s

While PJ Chaffin is known Sussex wide for our trusted, quality and reasonably priced tree work, we actually offer many other services. As well as felling trees and trimming hedges, we also offer stumpRead More

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Tree Surgery, Sussex

When I can cut my tree?

When can I fell a tree on my own land? It is a common question from home and land owners, when it legal to fell a tree on their property? Generally speaking, a treeRead More

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Tree Works, Rather

How do I know if my tree is covered by a TPO?

What are TPOs?  Tree Protection Orders (TPOs) are legally binding restrictions which can be used to prevent the felling, topping or wilful damaging of trees or groups of trees. It is an offence underRead More

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Tree Pests, Tree Works

Public Warned About Toxic Caterpillars

The Forestry Commission has warned the public against the emergence of Oak Processionary Moths (OPM) who in their larval stage can cause a number of health problems if touched. Each insect has 62,000 hairsRead More

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Tree Felling, Hastings

Record breaking Spring temperatures

After several months of snow and freezing temperatures, Spring has burst onto the scene with a vengeance – with April 19th being declared the hottest in 70 years. While we here at Chaffin’s hopeRead More

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Tree Surgery, Trees

European Tree of the Year Winner Announced

The winner of the annual Tree of the Year competition has been announced, with Portugal’s Whistler Cork oak tree triumphing. England’s own Gilwell oak came a respectable 5th. To view all the votes andRead More

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