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Hedges, Hedge Cutting, and the law

Here at Chaffin’s we have years of experience under our belt in trimming and shaping hedges. Most formal deciduous hedges will need reshaping at least twice a year – and we would like to clear up some myths that have arisen around the subject!

Some people believe that legal permission is needed to grow hedges beyond the height of 2 metres – this is not the case! Nor is it the case that hedges will automatically be ordered to be trimmed if a formal complaint is registered by neighbours, all cases are considered by the local authority – there is no legal requirement for access to light. However, the presence of nesting birds can affect hedge trimming, willfully disturbing protected bird species is an offence.

Chaffin’s can provide expert advice on these topics after viewing your site, and we have a track record for quality, reasonably priced, and safe hedge management.

Hedge Cutting, Sussex

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