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Stump Grinding and RemovalDomestic Tree Stump Grinding and Garden Tree Root Removal

Stump grinding is the quickest and easiest method of garden tree stump removal, whether it is the root removal of a single tree stump or the clearance of a large number of domestic garden trees.

Chaffin Tree Surgery is a professional stump grinding expert with the specialist machinery required to efficiently carry out tree stump grinding and tree root removal in domestic gardens with minimal impact and maximum effectiveness.

In addition to stump removal, we also now offer the Ecoplug, an environmentally friendly and reliable method of preventing tree roots from re-sprouting. It is inserted into a freshly felled tree or a tree stump to halt regrowth.

Our company is fully qualified and insured to carry out this work, and our operators are health and safety trained, ensuring your domestic tree stump removal and stump grinding is carried out efficiently and safely.

If you have a commercial enquiry, for further information and details on how to contact our commercial division, please visit www.chaffinworks.com.